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Before jumping into marketing, you need to understand the 4Ps of marketing.

Promote Video Online
Promote Video Online – 4 Ps of Marketing

They are essential to consider marketing any product. As a musician, your first goal is to make awesome music. Once your music is ready, here comes the real problem. How do you sail in the ocean where there are millions of musicians and how do you stand out here in the crowd?

We have listed a few points to get your marketing done effectively.

PR work

Make proper pitch ready for PR stuff. Hire a proper publicist who has good connection with media industry and have good communication skills. Build your own list of reviewers and sites who writes reviews on music.

  • News Releases
  • Interviews
  • Guest writing
  • Music/Song reviews
  • Events/Show reviews
  • Charitable participation

You need to consider all the above points when you go to media about your music.

Main stream Social Media

Be active on all popular social media especially on Facebook & Twitter. When you have social profiles, you have to follow a few things to keep your audience engaging and interesting.

  • Update posts regularly
  • Include contact info
  • Interact with audience
  • Respond to fan’s questions
  • Numbers matters – build your fan base (PromoteVideoOnline)

YouTube Channel

Being a musician, here is the best place to keep all your audience in control. The whole world listens and watches here in YouTube. You need to give special attention on promoting through Youtube. If you are newbie or finding it hard to promote, then go for better service like Promote Youtube video online. There are a few tips to keep your audience engaging here.

  • Use Proper header image for your band
  • Add your band link here
  • Give attractive video name
  • Add all details in description very clearly
  • Keep the best videos on top
  • Respond to all comments if possible

Other social media

You should have your presence in other social media also. Especially on Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest., Here are a few tips to maintain and gain out of social media. You should give people a reason to comeback.

  • Instagram: Post all photos of your travel, front stage, back stage, rehearsal, your clothes, team and be creative on it
  • Foursquare: Reward fans who is coming to your shows
  • LinkedIn: Find similar minds and network, network & network
  • Pinterest: Post photos of you, your team, coffee shop, coffee cup, etc.,

Email People

This is one of the best way to market  your music. Here is the way to make it better way to keep your engaging.

  • Collect all your close friends and families mailing list and keep all of them informed always
  • Opt-in email lists are extremely valuable
  • Use a better bulk email service. Ask us of you need any help
  • Mail only relevant contents
  • Don’t prick users with repeated mails often. Once or twice a month should be fine
  • Include a signup field on top of the page of your webpages

Advertising & Promotion

This is an important when you start selling your music. When it comes to advertising, especially when you don’t have any experience on it, you should find an expert who is already helping other musicians. Experience will definitely help you in this regard. We are happy to help you!

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