Work, Stress and Music

listening music at work, relieve stress

How many of crank up the volume to kick-start your house cleaning or any other chores? I guess, the answer will be a Yes from all. This is scientifically proven that the music affects us in a positive way.

Music can really deliver a lot of relief. But you must know when music can be beneficial for you and your brain. Therefore before pressing the play button, read below:

So what’s the best music and the best timing to listen to while working?

Not very time music will give you the same effects. It’s just a different kind of supplements which helps you function properly throughout your day.

  1. Don’t listen to it while learning new things

Perhaps, you would be prepared to analyse and remember new instructions while studying or learning new things. Therefore, due to this task of multitasking, your brain would not be able to interpret a number of things in a proper manner. So, while learning something new, you can switch off your music and concentrate on learning new tasks.

  1. A great source of energy

If you want to boost yourself before a competition, the music is the new medicine which stimulates the instant energy. It engages the autonomic nervous system which can control our emotions and functions. It will really pump up for doing something with energy and draw attention from boredom. For example, before you start a new project work, play some good music which can drive you.

  1. Stress Reliever

Stress is the universal feeling among everyone on this earth. Music has turned out to be the best stress reliever. But, it depends on the style of music which is being played if you really want to experience good results. Any music which an individual considers soothing must be played. It depends upon person to person, some like Beethoven and some like Enya.

  1. It’s music time at work

For many of workaholics , the most peaceful time of the day will be when they listen to music during work. But to our surprise, a study shows that the workers might benefit from listening to music at the workplace. The employees have turned to be more productive.

Not only at the workplace, you can get into sync with their work like at the gym or do some daily chores. But keep a free advice with you: Don’t listen to music while you are walking on a busy road. It will turn out to be dangerous to you.



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